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Next Christmas is over as well...... - Emissions from a Beam Tetrode's cathode — LiveJournal

Jan. 7th, 2007 02:59 pm Next Christmas is over as well......

Next Christmas is also over, so what has happened in the mean time?
We had a visit from mother in law in May '05 (took her and my mother to the Welsh hills for a few days) and visited her in the US in June '06 (for a great Flying Pigs Fiels Day).
Cynda's weight has remained stable at around 10 stone for the past year with all side effects and complications now in the past.
I've now got a decent DSLR camera so, hopefully, a few more pics on the website.
Must find a few more Geocaches this year.
Unfortunately still no closer to retiring so still living in the UK for the forseeable future.

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