Next Christmas is over as well......

Next Christmas is also over, so what has happened in the mean time?
We had a visit from mother in law in May '05 (took her and my mother to the Welsh hills for a few days) and visited her in the US in June '06 (for a great Flying Pigs Fiels Day).
Cynda's weight has remained stable at around 10 stone for the past year with all side effects and complications now in the past.
I've now got a decent DSLR camera so, hopefully, a few more pics on the website.
Must find a few more Geocaches this year.
Unfortunately still no closer to retiring so still living in the UK for the forseeable future.

Christmas is nearly over.

Well... Christmas is nearly over and I'm back to work already. Good these working Bank Holidays at £24 an hour.
Anyway, been a bit of sporadic snow today, snows a bit, melts a bit, snows another bit etc. Nothing to get too excited about.
Late shift the rest of the week and then, another day off next Monday. You gotta love Bank Holidays.

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Well... It's nearly Crimbo once again and, more importantly, I've been the best part of a year without updates although I've been both reading and commenting in other peoples blogs.


ksej   Congratulations on the healthy birth of Andrea Elspeth and on the new flat. I'm sure it will all come together next year and I wish you and your family well.

caitlin45   You're a wonderful kid in a sunny part of the world. Despite anomalies, you're always immensely happy and enthusiastic and an inspiration to everybody that knows you. I wish you success in everything you do and know that you appreciate the neverending support you get from family and friends.

raynbo0701 and freakyfwoof    I Wish you happiness together and a long and fulfilling relationship. Maria, I think you're very brave uprooting and moving to this country. I hope you don't get crippled by our high prices and taxes.

lilmizmombassa    You've done brilliantly well at school and will probably be starting uni next year. You deserve all the success possible and a fulfilling career as a result. Well done.

Wifey, cyndagunn99  has lost ten and a half stone in the past 14 months and is now only a slip of a lass so, very well done. I love the new slimline you and look forward to a more active and healthier future.


Work has seen the introduction of a new shift rota. It's going well but I'm still desperate to retire and keen to emigrate.

At least I'll be in the US next June for Field Day so that should be fun, spending the weekend camping and playing radio with the Flying Pigs.

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Monday I farted in an elevator (-6 points). In January I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). In February k9di and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). Last Wednesday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Saturday I ruled Duluth, Minnesota as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-377 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


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Well... What a shift!

  Well, what a shift that was. The V3's print position mystically shifted. Couldn't see an easy reason for it, although the belts were badly polished, so set about adjusting it. Couldn't remember how to do it, it wasn't covered in the training course in 1991, but Julian came up with a written guide. Then disaster.... I poked the wrong set of switches and unintentionally changed the machine ID number.  Anyway, some hours later the three of us were battling with written instructions that were incorrect, software diagnostics that returned the wrong results and a national helpdesk who knew little more than we did. We pratted around "in the dark" for 4 hours because somebody couldn't write understandable maintenance instructions. It wasn't broken at all for most of that time. Deano still believes the belts were knackered....  I'm not at all convinced.

Cynda's happy.. she just got a birthday card with money in it. She's easy to make happy... just give her money.
I'm not so happy.. got a hernia in the abdominal wall to get fixed. Guess I'll have to wait eons for that.

A Relaxing Week.... Relatively

This past week has been relatively relaxed.

Worked three night shifts last week; nights is not the best but at least there were no managers around and Picky was more friendly than I expected. The weekend was, well, just an uneventful weekend.

Monday went without a hitch. Unless, that is, you call an electricity failure for 2 hours a hitch. We've got a big stand by generator so soon got back to normal  but most others on the estate were without power. Was surprised that  John's speaking. He's not usually that friendly. The dislike is mutual and probably always will be!  Tuesday was more fun. Had a barny with Sid; he expects us to work in the dark 'cause he can't be bothered to get the faulty lights fixed.


I've had a firm lump on my abdomen ever since the operation which should eventually get back to normal. It's also numb, having had all the nerves cut around it.

I've recently noticed a similar smaller firmness at the right hand end of my scar line. It seems mobile and is uncomfortable if I press it. This morning when I touched it, it made a sort of squelchy noise so I'm off to see Doc about that next week. I'm working late shift so will have mornings free.


If anybody wants to hear Bacon Bits Quarterly, it's being hosted on my web site at Future editions should be posted there also. It seems to be quite popular.



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   Nigel (no! not me, there are two of them!) commented last evening whilst trying somewhat unsuccessfully to configure my server "I've never seen a network as broken as this one". Oh well, have I never mentioned that there is probably nothing in this world that I'm unable to break. We've got HTTP sort of working, and TELNET works. Got to sort FTP and E-mail next.

   Bad news today. Cynda's just had a call fron her doctor; the "cyst" she had removed last week was actually a malignant tumor. Although they say that all the cancerous cells have been removed, it looks like she's now got a course of radiotherapy to endure just to be certain. That's in adition to visiting the trickcyclist tomoeeow morning and a visit to the plastic surgeon to have a small benign blemish removed from her left cheek.

   I've just been perusing a web site dealing with MUGs (Male Unbifurcated Garments - kilts and skirts to most of you). I've often thought that a kilt might be an interesting alternative and, having Scottish ancestry, although I can't remember it, I have two tartans to choose from and am officially entitled to wear it. I'm not sure quite why I want to wear a skirt. It's either my feminine side trying to escape or it's rebellion. I already wear what might be termed girlie style knickers so I guess if's the feminine thing.

A lazy Weekend

  Cynda just jumped on the scales.... now 17st 1lb so it's still going in the right direction.
She has the cyst surgically removed last Thursday. As usual with events at our local hospital, the fear and panic made it a rather traumatic time: she now has an adhesive plastic dressing covering the wound that she cannot remove!

  Not got the server set up properly yet. It's still on the kitchen table serving up a few pages at but no e-mail or FTP working. It'll eventually get the full web site and sit in the spare bedroom.

  Didn't do much during the weekend. Hed a lazy time in front of the TV and had interesting instant messages with my two favorite sisters (one left to eat a pizza, the other was still there when I went to bed!)[They're not my sisters... they are sisters of each other that I have known for most of their lives]


Hollie's got a new baby... not a biological baby, we bought it in the local Co-op store, that she's been carrying around for a few days.

Fun? strange guy!

    Had a bit of fun during the past two days. Gathered together other peoples scrap and built a "new" computer. Doesn't look like a "traditional" PC but who cares? It's for use as a web and e-mail server. Don't see why I should pay somebody else to host them. My wife thinks it's amazing that I can go out in the garden, hammer a metal box and drill some holes and install Linux on the resultant hardware. And it cost me exactly zilch!

    Holley's coat has become rather long and matted recently so she's had a DIY haircut. Nothing too drastic; she'll have a proper cut when the weather gets warmer. Long coated dogs have a problem this time of year; every time she goes out in the garden she returns with her coat entangled with grass and twigs and muddy feet.